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V4.0.8 (128)

posted 7 Aug 2017, 04:04 by Gareth Evans

  • Added feature to change the alphabetical menu size in the song menu (you can also switch it off) - check out Gestures and menus/Menu settings
  • Fixed issue of pad files not working for some users (hopefully)
  • Fixed bug that wrongly ticked songs as being in the set if they had matching name parts.  e.g. if 'Majesty' was in your set, the app was incorrectly ticking 'Majesty' and 'King of kings (Majesty)'
  • Fixed some of the page buttons (when not being grouped) not functioning as expected
  • Fixed other bugs reported by some users

V4.0.7 (127)

posted 5 Aug 2017, 01:24 by Gareth Evans   [ updated 5 Aug 2017, 04:02 ]

  • Bug fix for crash when starting Presentation mode - my fault entirely - sorry!!!!!
  • In addition to trimming sections, you can now switch on/off the automatic section space (see the font options).

V4.0.6 (126)

posted 4 Aug 2017, 12:43 by Gareth Evans

  • New experimental 'Highlighter' drawing mode added.  This only works in Performance mode and if you are using full autoscale.  Allows landscape and portrait notes to be saved separately.  These can be shown automatically (for a set duration, or just on) or called up manually.  Highlighter notes can be edited and include highlighter, pen and eraser, with various colours and tool sizes available.  Also works for images and PDFs being used in the app as songs!
  • Option in the Autoscale menu to set the max Stage Mode section scaling
  • Empty space between sections can be automatically 'trimmed' - allowing more text to appear on the screen (Change fonts menu)
  • By request, I've added a Swedish translation (Google provided).  Hopefully an improved one to come...

Just a quick note to let others know that a few users are starting to experience problems with external storage not being available.  This is due to updates to Android security (nothing to do with me, despite criticism in the Play Store comments).  I've always encouraged people to use internal/emulated storage - which I still suggest you do.  Affected devices mostly seem to be Samsung ones currently.  If you can move or copy your songs (using a file manager) and change your storage location in OpenSongApp, I'd highly recommend it.  Check the internal/emulated storage location reported by OpenSongApp.  This is the best place to store your files.

I've played around with a way of changing how the storage can be accessed, but with limited success.  I can just about make it work in the app, but currently Dropsync and Dropbox can't use the affected device storage either, so that would create other problems.  I'm unlikely to be able to fix this.

V4.0.5 (125)

posted 23 Jul 2017, 09:59 by Gareth Evans

  • Added feature to edit the battery, clock and song title/author in the actionbar menu (from Display menu)
  • Added option to email the forum directly from the app (from Other menu)
  • Added 'Edit song' to song long press feature in Song menu
  • Added 'Pop up set view' to custom gestures (e.g. long pressing a foot pedal)
  • Fixed 'Welcome to OpenSongApp' being set as the title wrongly for some files
  • Fixed Cavaquinho chords showing as Guitar chords
  • Fixed 'Edit presentation order' corrupting some songs in Presentation Mode
  • Fixed UG imports not always using the file name you have chosen
  • Fixed theme colour chooser not working for users with high resolution displays
  • Fixed option to return to the start screen
  • Fixed various other bugs causing crashes that were submitted via 'Report' feature

V4.0.4 (124)

posted 1 Jul 2017, 06:28 by Gareth Evans   [ updated 1 Jul 2017, 11:51 ]

  • Fixed cross-fading of pads between songs
  • Fixed autostart autoscroll
  • Fixed linked audio files not playing
  • Lyric lines now automatically add a space at the beginning (as desktop app does)
  • Fixed next song in set issue
  • Added transition time option for presentation mode

V4.0.3 (123)

posted 20 Jun 2017, 15:26 by Gareth Evans   [ updated 22 Jun 2017, 11:44 ]

  • KNOWN ISSUES - Automatic starting of autoscroll only works if you tap the screen after loading a new song.  Pads aren't cross-fading and automatically starting between songs.  I'll fix these soon!
  • Fixed sticky notes not closing when new songs are loaded
  • Fixed set navigation issue where sets contained the same item more than once
  • Fixed issue in Presentation mode where some songs weren't always being projected (if chords weren't also being displayed)
  • Generally increased the font sizes used in menus, windows and in edit mode
  • Added feature to let users specify the swipe gesture parameters
  • Added feature to let users set the scroll amounts and speed
  • Added 'Save' button to the set view.  This allows you to save the 'Current set' as a 'Saved set'
  • Added option to donate via PayPal into the app (in the 'Other' menu) - requested by users!
  • Various other bug fixes based on user crash reports submitted - If you experience a crash and see the button offering you to report it, tell me what happened and submit the report - this shows up on my Google Play Console and helps me fix bugs.
  • Having had to buy a new Chromebook, I can now confirm that the app works well, including casting (if you have Google Play installed)

V4.0.1 (121)

posted 12 Jun 2017, 15:06 by Gareth Evans   [ updated 12 Jun 2017, 15:18 ]

Some bug fixes and enhancements to the big update:
  • Fixed the battery monitor using too much battery (ironically)
  • Fixed issue for some Samsung users (caused by a glitch in their hardware code)
  • Fixed tags not being recognised as verses/choruses (if capital letters were used)
  • Fixed a couple of other crashes identified from users submitting crash reports
  • Fixed performance and stage mode projection to not centre the text vertically -  now looks more like the app display
  • Fixed the connect function sending the wrong song (when receive host files is ticked)
  • The 'Find new songs' menu only appears if the 'Welcome to OpenSongApp' song is showing and no songs are in the current folder
  • Added a feature in Presentation mode to automatically update the projector if a song section is clicked
  • Changed the sticky notes to look like post it notes.  These are movable on the screen and can be automatically shown now and hidden after a certain length of time.
  • Updated the OnSong database import to cope with new and old OnSong databases
  • Added feature to change the text size for autoscroll and pad timers
  • Colour chooser for themes now includes RRGGBB text input (for those who like manual colour choice)
  • Improved the look of the popup menu screens
  • Updated some translations

V4.0.0 (120)

posted 7 Jun 2017, 12:58 by Gareth Evans   [ updated 7 Jun 2017, 13:17 ]

Here it is, the big update!  While most users will only notice cosmetic differences, the app has virtually been rewritten from the base up, hopefully improving the overall performance and, of course, adding a rake of new features!

If you have any issue with accessing your current song database, don't worry, it won't have been deleted.  Open the manage storage option and select your original storage location.  You may need to close the app and then reopen it for everything to be rebuilt.
  • New UI with material design.
  • New 'Stage Mode' allowing better zooming of song sections at a time.  This is primarily aimed at users wanting to control a projector at the same time as performing.  This also allows tech teams to connect to on stage display monitors and show individual song sections with chords (similar to the congregation lyric projection).
  • Chromecast feature added allowing Performance and Stage Mode to be displayed wirelessly on a second screen
  • Images (.png, .jpg, .gif) can now be viewed in the app - useful if you've taken a photo of a song from another source! There is also the option to add a song via the camera (obviously this can't be transposed, or have any features such as pad, autoscroll, etc)
  • Experimental 'Connect' feature (required JellyBean+ and WiFi direct).  Allows one user to be the host and clients can connect via WiFi.  Client devices load songs when told to by the host.
  • Song menu now included alphabetical short cuts and song authors and keys (if set).
  • Added a quick set add/remove checkbox next to the songs in the song menu.
  • Backups can now be customised.  You can choose which folders are backed up and when installing a backup, decide which folders to import and choose to overwrite existing songs, or only add new ones.
  • Popup windows (pads, autoscroll, etc.) can now be customised in terms of position, size and opacity.
  • Song loading is now MUCH faster.
  • Page buttons have been rationalised and tidied into groups when appropriate.
  • Custom quick launch page buttons have been added (3 to assign to whatever feature you want!).
  • You choose which page buttons you want to see.
  • Fixed fast scrolling of song menu (index now properly refreshes after changing folders).
  • New features added when long pressing on a song in the song menu.
  • Chords and headings can now be scaled in the song view page.
  • Battery level monitor added and general tidy up of the action bar.
  • Sets can now be organised into categories (folder grouping).
  • Next song in set display now includes the key (if set).
  • Option to export a list of songs you have (you specify the folders to include).
  • Now supports guitar tab.  Start each line of tab with ;E :| (strings identified as e,B,G,D,A,E).
  • Alternative tab tunings available (just specify the tuning of each string). e.g. ;Gb:|--5--6.  Each string is entered on a separate line.
  • Gestures and pedals can now start autoscroll, pad, metronome or combinations of 2 or 3 of these.

V3.9.6 (107)

posted 31 Dec 2016, 05:08 by Gareth Evans

  • Fixed UG import issue (again) - this was caused by an update to the UG website.

V3.9.4 (105)

posted 6 Oct 2016, 12:56 by Gareth Evans

  • Updated UG Import feature to cope with changes to UG website
  • Updated German translation - thanks Jan!

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