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V3.3.0 (55)

posted 9 Mar 2015, 12:50 by Gareth Evans
Quite a big update, with a lot of time spent on this - enjoy!
  • App now comes bundled with 24 worship 'pad' background tracks (covering all major and minor keys).  Click on the 'music player' icon at the bottom left of the song screen (if you have set a key for the song, the pad will play in the background).  This is ideal for creating 'ambiance' to a worship set, or simply 'filling out' your sound.  These pads will cross-fade as you move between songs for a professional flow.
  • If you have set a song duration (in seconds) for your OpenSong song, the app will now autoscroll through the page for you.  You can switch this on by clicking on the circular arrow button at the bottom left of the song screen.  This is useful if you do not have a foot-pedal and your hands are busy!
  • OnSong backup files can now be imported.  Simply place the OnSong backup file (XXXXXX.backup) into the documents/OpenSong/ folder, then from the Options menu, click on 'Import OnSong backup'.  The app will list all backup files it finds at this location.  Choose the appropriate one and the songs will be extracted into a new song folder titled 'OnSong' available in the Songs menu.  After import, the songs will have the .onsong extension.  Opening them from within the app will cause them to be converted to OpenSong format and they will be resaved without this file extension.
  • For all of those people who want store their songs on an external SD card (rather than cluttering up their internal memory), you can now specify where you want the app to read and save the songs and sets to.  When you first open the app after the latest update, you will be asked which storage location you want to use.  The default option (until this update) was the Internal storage (sometimes described as emulated external storage).  If you have an SD card inserted, you can choose the second option - External storage.  Be aware, removing this SD card will stop the app being able to use these songs (and you will be asked where they are!).  You can change this storage location at any time by selecting 'Manage storage' from the Options menu.  If you choose to change this location, the app will not delete the original files, nor will it move them - you will have to do this manually.  This does mean, however, you can have two separate storage locations (if you have an SD card) and can use them independently if you want by switching between them.
  • Fixed a bug that stopped people renaming songs within the MAIN folder.