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V3.4.2 (62)

posted 27 Apr 2015, 11:02 by Gareth Evans
  • Common chord shapes now included (major, maj7, 7th, 6th, 9th, aug, min, m7, m6, dim7, m7b5, sus2, sus4, add9) for guitar, ukulele and mandolin.  This is beta for now.  You can access this via the Chord button at the bottom of the page (if page buttons are set as visible) or from the menu option.
  • Visual metronome (flashing title bar) now added
  • Export song now includes the song as plain text (in addition to the actual song file being attached)
  • Export set now includes the set as plain text (in addition to the actual set file being attached)
  • There are now 4 customisable colour themes (Dark, Light, Custom 1, Custom 2)
  • German translation improved (thanks Jan)
  • User selectable language (from 13 included translations)
  • Option to manually refresh song menu
  • Option to show only capo chords or both native and capo chords (if available)
  • Improved support for external storage