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V3.7.5 (87)

posted 28 Mar 2016, 12:36 by Gareth Evans
  • Transpose now uses preferred key choices (if key has been set for the song) - e.g. you can prefer to use F# or Gb for keys/chords
  • Each preferred key now uses flats or sharps as appropriate (e.g. C# uses sharps, whereas Db will use flats)
  • Added other song fields to the search (copyright, ccli, aka, alttheme, user1, user2, user3)
  • Page buttons (pad, metronome, autoscroll, stickynote, page, chords, link) can now be shown on the right or the bottom of the page
  • When using autoscroll, the current time position is shown on the screen (progress update)
  • Improved autoscroll calculation that better matches the scrolling to the song length
  • Sets files (from load, save, export, delete) can now be sorted in ascending or descending order
  • Multiple sets can be loaded at a time - allowing set merging - the order they are selected in is the order in which they will be imported
  • Added new instruments for chord diagrams - Cavaquinho, 4-string and 5-string banjo
  • Updated German, Serbian and French translations (thanks Jan, Ivan and Olivier)