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V3.8.6 (98)

posted 11 Aug 2016, 07:53 by Gareth Evans
  • Added support for older versions of Android (down to 3.2)
  • Set view mode now more in line with Material design and matches colour/theme choices
  • Tweaked Ultimate Guitar extraction to cope with new website format
  • Improved Scripture extracting (now copes with more than 4 verses at a time)
  • Added 'search web for song' feature to allow you to quickly find out more about a song
  • Fixed a bug in Presentation Mode that stopped you editing songs via the menu
  • My song library has been removed from the app (sorry!)
  • 'Welcome to OpenSongApp' quick guide song is now installed as the default song
  • Added support for Chrome books without touchscreen
  • Roboto font now included
  • Some new icons added (in preparation for further Material design tweaks)
  • Other bug fixes