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V4.0.0 (120)

posted 7 Jun 2017, 12:58 by Gareth Evans   [ updated 7 Jun 2017, 13:17 ]
Here it is, the big update!  While most users will only notice cosmetic differences, the app has virtually been rewritten from the base up, hopefully improving the overall performance and, of course, adding a rake of new features!

If you have any issue with accessing your current song database, don't worry, it won't have been deleted.  Open the manage storage option and select your original storage location.  You may need to close the app and then reopen it for everything to be rebuilt.
  • New UI with material design.
  • New 'Stage Mode' allowing better zooming of song sections at a time.  This is primarily aimed at users wanting to control a projector at the same time as performing.  This also allows tech teams to connect to on stage display monitors and show individual song sections with chords (similar to the congregation lyric projection).
  • Chromecast feature added allowing Performance and Stage Mode to be displayed wirelessly on a second screen
  • Images (.png, .jpg, .gif) can now be viewed in the app - useful if you've taken a photo of a song from another source! There is also the option to add a song via the camera (obviously this can't be transposed, or have any features such as pad, autoscroll, etc)
  • Experimental 'Connect' feature (required JellyBean+ and WiFi direct).  Allows one user to be the host and clients can connect via WiFi.  Client devices load songs when told to by the host.
  • Song menu now included alphabetical short cuts and song authors and keys (if set).
  • Added a quick set add/remove checkbox next to the songs in the song menu.
  • Backups can now be customised.  You can choose which folders are backed up and when installing a backup, decide which folders to import and choose to overwrite existing songs, or only add new ones.
  • Popup windows (pads, autoscroll, etc.) can now be customised in terms of position, size and opacity.
  • Song loading is now MUCH faster.
  • Page buttons have been rationalised and tidied into groups when appropriate.
  • Custom quick launch page buttons have been added (3 to assign to whatever feature you want!).
  • You choose which page buttons you want to see.
  • Fixed fast scrolling of song menu (index now properly refreshes after changing folders).
  • New features added when long pressing on a song in the song menu.
  • Chords and headings can now be scaled in the song view page.
  • Battery level monitor added and general tidy up of the action bar.
  • Sets can now be organised into categories (folder grouping).
  • Next song in set display now includes the key (if set).
  • Option to export a list of songs you have (you specify the folders to include).
  • Now supports guitar tab.  Start each line of tab with ;E :| (strings identified as e,B,G,D,A,E).
  • Alternative tab tunings available (just specify the tuning of each string). e.g. ;Gb:|--5--6.  Each string is entered on a separate line.
  • Gestures and pedals can now start autoscroll, pad, metronome or combinations of 2 or 3 of these.