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V4.0.5 (125)

posted 23 Jul 2017, 09:59 by Gareth Evans
  • Added feature to edit the battery, clock and song title/author in the actionbar menu (from Display menu)
  • Added option to email the forum directly from the app (from Other menu)
  • Added 'Edit song' to song long press feature in Song menu
  • Added 'Pop up set view' to custom gestures (e.g. long pressing a foot pedal)
  • Fixed 'Welcome to OpenSongApp' being set as the title wrongly for some files
  • Fixed Cavaquinho chords showing as Guitar chords
  • Fixed 'Edit presentation order' corrupting some songs in Presentation Mode
  • Fixed UG imports not always using the file name you have chosen
  • Fixed theme colour chooser not working for users with high resolution displays
  • Fixed option to return to the start screen
  • Fixed various other bugs causing crashes that were submitted via 'Report' feature