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V4.0.6 (126)

posted 4 Aug 2017, 12:43 by Gareth Evans
  • New experimental 'Highlighter' drawing mode added.  This only works in Performance mode and if you are using full autoscale.  Allows landscape and portrait notes to be saved separately.  These can be shown automatically (for a set duration, or just on) or called up manually.  Highlighter notes can be edited and include highlighter, pen and eraser, with various colours and tool sizes available.  Also works for images and PDFs being used in the app as songs!
  • Option in the Autoscale menu to set the max Stage Mode section scaling
  • Empty space between sections can be automatically 'trimmed' - allowing more text to appear on the screen (Change fonts menu)
  • By request, I've added a Swedish translation (Google provided).  Hopefully an improved one to come...

Just a quick note to let others know that a few users are starting to experience problems with external storage not being available.  This is due to updates to Android security (nothing to do with me, despite criticism in the Play Store comments).  I've always encouraged people to use internal/emulated storage - which I still suggest you do.  Affected devices mostly seem to be Samsung ones currently.  If you can move or copy your songs (using a file manager) and change your storage location in OpenSongApp, I'd highly recommend it.  Check the internal/emulated storage location reported by OpenSongApp.  This is the best place to store your files.

I've played around with a way of changing how the storage can be accessed, but with limited success.  I can just about make it work in the app, but currently Dropsync and Dropbox can't use the affected device storage either, so that would create other problems.  I'm unlikely to be able to fix this.