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V4.2.8 (150)

posted 21 Jul 2018, 10:03 by Gareth Evans   [ updated 24 Jul 2018, 12:44 ]
  • Reduced the likelihood of overwriting one of your songs accidentally with the 'Welcome to OpenSongApp' song (displayed if there was an error in your song)
  • Fixed bit of errant code appearing in songs extracted from Ultimate Guitar and reduced issue of rogue ampersands breaking xml files
  • When using 'Add brackets' button in edit mode, the cursor now moves inside the bracket (sensibly) to let you type your tag/section title
  • Added as a source of new songs (especially for our Russian friends!).
  • Added set name to set view. Also states if the set has been changed from saved version
  • Pads can be paused/resumed during playback by tapping on the timer
  • Some other minor tweaks and improvements