OpenSongApp was originally created using an English translation, however, I have attempted to provide alternative translations with the app.  These translations were originally made using Google Translate, so they aren't perfect.  I would encourage you to help out with translations if you can.  Read on to find out more.

Translations available

  • Afrikaans (improved by Alistair Baty)
  • Chinese (simplified)
  • Czech
  • English (UK)
  • French (improved by Olivier Azoulay)
  • German (improved by Jan Meyer and Frank Berens)
  • has begun (thanks to Aggelos)........
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian (improved by Sergey
  • Serbian (improved by Ivan Djacic)
  • Spanish
Many thanks to those mentioned above for helping with translation improvements.

How to help

The app is created using Android studio and the translations are saved as XML files.  They are stored on GitHub and can be edited freely.  You don't need to know any of the complicated stuff (Android programming, JAVA, Repositories, GitHub branches/masters),  all you need to do is be able to understand simple xml and I'll show you how.....

Open up the OpenSong Tablet source code on GitHub (the link below takes you to the translations folders).

If you want to edit a specific language, click on the appropriate values folder:

Each folder has a file in it named strings.xml.  These are the translation files and you can view them by clicking on the file you want.  They all follow the same format.  An except of the English translation (values/strings.xml) looks like this:
<string name="options_song_newfolder">Create new song folder</string>

The name part identifies the text so the app can find it.  Do not change this!  The bit I've highlighted in bold can be changed.  If you use the app in German and think the translation of this bit of text can be improved (this is a menu item), here's how to do it-

Open the German translation (values-de/strings.xml), look for the same string name and find the line:
<string name="options_song_newfolder">"Erstelle eine neue Song-Ordner"</string>

You can simply copy this line and email it to me, or post it on the forum with your improved translation.  I'll incorporate it in the app.  Or, better still register for a free GitHub account, sign in and edit the translation file directly.  I will be notified of changes and will be asked to approve them (you won't break anything!).  Please notice that the translation text should be placed inside quotation marks (" ").

Any changes made here will become active when I next update the app.

You will notice that some strings are combined.  E.g.  the string names "ok", "on" and "off" are added to other strings.

other menu
Viewing other translations in the app

If you want to check out other translations from within the app, you can do so from the right hand options menu.  Just remember how to get back to your normal language - the menu item will be in the same place!