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3c. Creating new songs

song menu
create new song
Songs are stored using the OpenSong file format.  You can find out more at:

To create a new song, open the 'Settings' menu and choose 'SONG', then click on 'New'.  You will then be prompted for a song title, which will also be used for the name of the file for the song.  You can also choose a folder to save the song into.

Once you have created a new song, you will be presented with the Edit Song window  Make sure you save any changes.

Songs created in the App contain all of the information available in the full desktop application.

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The 'Lyrics' field is where you enter the song content.
Chord lines should start with .
Lyric lines should start with a space
Comment lines should start with a ;
Sections should start with [..]  tags

Tags that are automatically recognised are:
  • [V], [V1], [V2], [v], [Verse] etc. are recognised as verse tags
  • [C], [C1], [C2], [c], [Chorus] etc. are recognised as chorus tags
  • [P] is recognised as a pre-chorus tag
  • [B] is recognised as a bridge tag
  • [T] is recognised as a tag/end tag
  • [...] other tags are set to 'custom'

Guitar tab lines should start with:
;e |
;B |
;G |
;D |
;A |
;E |

Custom string tunings can be used.  Single string tunings (e.g. e, B, G) should be followed by a space.  Double string tunings (e.g. F#) should not be followed by a space.

A simple song would look like...

.G    C      D
 This is the verse
.C D     G
 Nothing difficult

.Em  C   D
 And the chorus
.Em  C     D
 And again the chorus

;e |---5|---5|
;B |-2--|----|
;G |0---|0---|
;D |--2-|----|
;A |-3--|--3-|
;E |----|----|