I've lost my songs...

After the latest update, all my songs/sets have been deleted.....

Something went wrong and I've lost all of my songs/sets.....

Firstly, there are only three ways that all of your songs/sets can be deleted - only one of which is possible with OpenSongApp

  • From the storage menu, you clicked on the red button that says 'Reset my songs folder' and then clicked on 'Yes' to the 'Are you sure?' message
  • Outwith OpenSongApp, you have navigated to the appropriate storage location and deleted the folder
  • You formatted your storage

If you did do one of the above, you can import your songs from an OpenSongApp backup you created - you did do this, right?

The most likely reason is that OpenSongApp has lost the location, or has been given the wrong location, of your OpenSong folder. If you stuck with the default internal storage, you shouldn't have these issues, but here's how to find external or custom storage location.

Using a file management program, search for a song you know should be on your device. Do not search for the OpenSong folder, as if you have incorrectly set the storage location, the app will create these folders at whatever location has been set. This way it is possible to have multiple storage locations (useful for different users). I use ES File Explorer app. In my example, I've searched for 'Abba Father. The file manager should give you the file location somewhere. ES File explorer reports the folder containing the file at the top of the screen. For my device, this is listed as:


That means the root folder I set in OpenSongApp should be:


Notice that you don't include the /OpenSong/ or /OpenSong/Songs/

Next, up, open up OpenSongApp and from the right hand storage menu, select 'Manage storage'.

On the next screen, scroll to the bottom and click on the 'Edit' button (below this you will see the red button that will delete your songs!).

es search
storage menu
edit storage

When changing your storage location, it is often easiest to click on the blue 'Up' button repeatedly until you get to your 'root' storage, indicated by the location '/' - keep pressing the blue 'Up' button until it doesn't move any further. OpenSongApp cannot write to system spaces, so you will often see a message at the top saying 'Unable to use' as you navigate through your folders. You can't use these system folders.

system root
system storage
system sd card
system documents folder

For my device, I moved to the root folder of the device '/' and then clicked on 'storage', then '906-4EF8' and then 'documents'. I can now see the 'OpenSong' folder inside this one, but I do not open this folder. Click on the green tick to save this location.

The app then shows you the 'Manage storage' screen again. The 'Custom' location should now match the folder you just set and should be selected by the radio button/highlighted circle next to it.

Close the 'Manage storage' window by clicking on the red X close button and the app will then rebuild your songs and sets menu. You should now have everything back where you left it.

custom storage now set