I've lost my songs...

After the latest update, all my songs/sets have been deleted.....

Something went wrong and I've lost all of my songs/sets.....

Firstly, there are only two ways that all of your songs/sets can be deleted - none of which are possible with OpenSongApp

  • Outwith OpenSongApp, you have navigated to the appropriate storage location and deleted the folder (using a file manager)

  • You formatted your storage

If you did do one of the above, you can import your songs from an OpenSongApp backup you created - you did do this, right?

The most likely reason for your apparently 'lost' or 'deleted' songs is that OpenSongApp has forgotten the location, or has been given the wrong location, of your OpenSong folder. If you upgrade or uninstall/install the app, you will need to set your desired OpenSong/ folder location again. The app will prompt you to do this when you first start the app.

Resetting Storage.mp4
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