Latest updates

Latest stable release: V.5.5.9(219)

17th November 2022

  • Fix for storage permissions for Android R

  • Updated permissions for Google Nearby (for connecting devices)

  • Fix for section move in PresenterMode spotted by Ian

Current development work in progress - Beta testing

15th November 2022

  • Up to date with stable


Current development work in progress - Alpha v18


  • Complete app rewrite to improve render speeds

  • Embracing Material App design to improve UI

  • More features

  • Midi pedals allowed as page turning devices

A list of known bugs and features not yet implemented can be found at:

Join the alpha test group if you are interested: Please note that you cannot be in the beta and alpha test group simultaneously.

You can also manually download the alpha version from the downloads page. If you want to test this, you should first backup your songs, etc. from your current stable version and create a profile so you can restore your settings when returning to this version. I would encourage setting up a different storage location for the alpha version so you don't risk losing your songs and sets.

e.g. Normal stable chosen storage: /storage/emulated/0/OpenSong and set the alpha version to use /storage/emulated/0/test/OpenSong

Here's a taster of what to expect in V6

Here's a comparison video of version 6 and version 5 running side by side to illustrate the improvement in song render speed. V6 on the left, v5 on the right