Latest updates

Latest stable release: V.5.0.5 (165)

5th August 2019

Many thanks to my numerous loyal users who have supported me over the years and understand the problems of keeping apps up to date. Also to those who have given me constructive and / or positive reviews on the Play Store. A massive thank you to those who have taken the time to help troubleshoot issues (sending screenshots, files, etc.). Also to those, who have supported me with donations (which I still find incredible that people do!). I've got to know some of you quite well over the years!

I have spent hundreds of hours since September trying to get the app able to run on newer versions of Android due to security updates (whilst I probably should have been spending time with my family!), however, I've taken a bit of a battering recently via email and Play Store ratings. With this in mind, I wanted to let users know that I am now considering removing the app from Google Play Store (and Amazon App Store). I'm finding it tough going to deal with it all! I will likely keep the app available via my website downloads page, which will also stop 'unexpected/forced' updates (as apps install via apk files don't get automatically updated). I'll keep the app on the Play Store for now (to help out those who need the update). I'll take a little time to consider my options. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

  • Further updated the boot up screen to try to make it more obvious about setting the storage location using the red button (not using the links in the list of found locations - as these weren't allowed to take you to the displayed location unless you are running Android 9+)
  • Removed the direct email me and post to the forum link in the 'Other' option menu as too many users were using this to post to the forum without checking the forum for existing posts first. I've replaced this with a link to the forum.
  • Fix for KitKat users (Android stopped support in Oct 2017, I'm likely to have to stop soon as well especially after the huge amount of negative comments in the Play Store!) where line trimming was hiding the lyrics and chords. This is now disabled for KitKat.
  • Fix for some KitKat users selecting storage that tried to create an extra OpenSong folder
  • Fixed profile import issues caused by importing pre V4.3.0 profile files
  • Some other bug fixes

Current development work in progress - Beta

5th August 2019

Nothing here yet, but will include any fixes for bugs, etc.