Latest updates

Latest stable release: V.5.3.7(197)

14th July 2021

  • Fixes for Nearby Connections

  • Updates for Presentation Screens and Presenter mode

  • Fix for BibleGateway

  • Updates for AirTurn pedal

  • Ukrainian translation added (thanks Tarasz)

  • Clean up of song menu to minimise accidental scroll clicks

  • Received songs can now be reviewed and saved to your song database

  • Other minor fixes

Current development work in progress - Beta testing

7th September 2021 (V.5.3.9)

  • Reverted function of next/previous in set buttons and swipe when in Stage Mode to ignore song sections and move in the set. Scroll up/down buttons (or touch or pedal with scroll toggle) deal with song section choice.

  • Fix for set load issues

  • Update to scroll/page turn for PDF (scroll up/down to move through pages).

  • Fix for bugs when zooming in on highlighter notes, etc.

  • Various other minor tweaks and improvements.


Current development work in progress - Alpha


  • Complete app rewrite to improve render speeds

  • Embracing Material App design to improve UI

  • More features

  • Midi pedals allowed as page turning devices