Latest updates

Latest stable release: V.4.3.2 (154)

29th August 2018

  • Updated export code to deal with post Lollipop devices enforcing stricter security when sharing files
  • Updated code to improve host/slave device interactions

Current development work in progress...

V4.8.5(155) Beta

Work is taking place (and has been since September 2018) on rewriting the app to cope with Android security updates and overcoming the restrictions that these updates cause. The programming is virtually complete (Jan 2018) and I have been testing the app on my devices,

In order to move forward with newer devices (and the restriction imposed), I've unfortunately had to drop support for devices running Android 4.2 and lower. I've only just managed to support KitKat for now (4.4). Android Lollipop (5.1) is the recommended minimum. KitKat still cannot use SD cards I'm afraid, but the app will still work for you.

The update is now available on the beta channel (you need to have signed up using the link below). This may have show stopping bugs, so don't use as your primary device. I'd really appreciate feedback from KitKat users.

Within the next few weeks (by middle of February 2019), I plan to release this update to the stable channel after beta testing has run for a few weeks (assuming there are no major issues). I will release to the stable channel as V.5.0.0

This will fix all storage issues (external sd cards, audio file links, camera images, etc.)

It will also include some new and some improved features.

The opt in address for beta access is: