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OpenSongApp is, and will always be, FREE OF CHARGE.

The main way of financially supporting me is by PayPal - click on the link and enter the amount you want to donate

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Do support me in prayer (always appreciated!)

Do contact me to let me know your thoughts (good or bad) on the app!

Do give me a rating (good or bad) in the Google Play Store - please don't use the Play Store review to give a bad rating if something has gone wrong - use the forum to get help first.

I always appreciate testimonials! I might add them to this site.


If you fancy helping develop the app, the source code is now available on GitHub at can use GitHub to contribute to the Android code, post issues, development requests, or even editing and improving the translations.

To do this I highly recommend downloading and installing Android Studio. The Git repository address you'll need for checking out/cloning is

I would like to thank the following contributors who have suggested code improvements, fixes, translations, updates, changes and helped me when I didn't have a clue what was going on (most are contributors via GitHub and I've used their 'handle' to credit them). I'm sorry if I've missed anyone or if you'd rather I didn't list you here or want it shown differently - just let me know!! Most of you will know who you are already and that I appreciate your regular communications and support.

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