Swipe settings (V5.x.x)

If you want to adjust the swipe gesture to move between songs, you can turn this on or off, or change the various settings by opening the right hand 'Gestures and menus' button and clicking on 'Swipe settings'.

This page has an animated white bar to give you an indication of the current swipe settings (i.e. what it would look like on the screen).

The swipe distance determines, how much you have to move across the screen for a swipe to be detected. The draggable bar maximum is set to the width of your screen, with a minimum value of 100px. The speed determines how quickly you have to swipe. This is measured in pixels per second (px/s). The vertical movement setting is to compensate for swipes that aren't completely horizontal. Larger values allow for more up/down movement while still accepting the gesture as a swipe.

Different devices have different screen sizes, resolutions, etc. and this feature allows you to set your swipe gesture preferences for each device independently.

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