Changing fonts (V5.x.x)

  1. OpenSongApp comes bundled with 13 different open source fonts to help make your songs look their best.Droid

  2. Droid Monospace

  3. Droid Sans

  4. Droid Serif

  5. FiraSansOT-Light

  6. FiraSansOT-Regular

  7. KaushanScript

  8. Lato Light

  9. Lato Regular

  10. League Gothic

  11. Roboto Light

  12. Roboto Thin

  13. Roboto Medium

To choose fonts for the lyrics, chords, presentation and presentation information, select 'Change fonts' from the right hand 'Display' options menu.

display menu
font settings

You can also scale the size of the section headings, chords and comments relative to the lyrics font size (which is set by autoscaling or manually in the 'Toggle autoscale' option).

There are two toggle switches available here to help you maximise the size of the text:

  • Trim sections - This removes empty lines of text between sections.

  • Add section space - In performance mode, the app automatically adds 0.5 of a line space between sections to help you spot where they start and end. You can switch this off to reclaim more space on the page for the lyrics.