Filtering song sections (V5.x.x)

Set up the filters

When sharing songs with other users (e.g. synchronising using Dropbox or using the Nearby connect feature) it is possible to filter/hide song sections on your device.

To enable this feature, select the 'Display' category from the settings menu and select the 'Extra information' option.

Switch on the 'Section filtering' switch and then decide which mode you'd like to use:

In the filter options, enter the name of the filters you want to show/hide.  Each one should be on a separate line.

The filtering options selected are saved to the device and are stored in user profiles.  Different devices can have different filter options to allow for filtering out their own choice of sections.  E.g. a guitarist could have filtering set up on their device to show all normal sections, specific guitar sections and vocal sections, but could choose to hide any specific drum sections.

Once you have entered or edited the filters, click on the grey Save button to return to the song display.

Adding filtered sections in your songs

To add a filtered section into a song, you need to edit the song.  Filter sections are identified as follows:


e.g. to have a Instrumental section labelled with a 'Guitar' filter, you would create a section like:


This section will be shown in the song window in the following circumstances:

This section will be hidden if:

All standard sections (those not starting with [*...] will always be shown on all devices.

Filtering on and set to show 'Guitar'

Filtering on and set to hide 'Guitar'