Scaling the text in a song (V5.x.x)

display menu

The most common question that is asked is how do I increase the font size? By default, OpenSongApp sets the Performance mode song display to autoscale while fitting to the width of the screen. Other options are to fit the full song on to the screen or to turn off autoscale.

To change the autoscale settings in the app, open the settings menu and click on the Display options. From here you can change various features, but click on 'Toggle autoscale'. From this menu you can switch autoscale on/off, set the autoscale style to full or width only, set the maximum autoscale font size and the preferred minimum font size. You can also allow overriding of autoscale if the font size drops below your preferred minimum font size.

If you have a 10" tablet and have correctly formatted your songs, autoscale set to full is the best option. This avoids having to scroll down a song and should be similar to having a typed A4 sheet of paper (as the device screen has minimal margins). The app will automatically decide on the best display (1,2 or 3 columns and automatic font size) to fit everything on the screen.

It this font size is too small, switch to autoscale to width only (also, rotate your screen to landscape to make full use of this). You will need to either enable autoscroll or invest in a bluetooth pedal to scroll down, or manually scroll the song using the up/down arrows or by dragging the song up or down.

If you still want bigger fonts, you can switch autoscale off and manually set the font size, but beware, the app does not wrap the text at the end of the line (as chords would be in the wrong place) and you will probably have to scroll horizontally and vertically. I highly recommend that you do not use this option.

If you are using stage mode, you will also have an option to set the maximum section scale size. By default the app sets this to about 70%. This allows you to focus on the current section, but also see the top of the next section (so you know where you are going next!).