Using profiles (V5.x.x)

Every customisation that you can make within OpenSongApp can be saved as a profile. This allows you to synchronise profiles across devices (if you have set up Dropbox/Dropsync) and also set up different profiles on the same device (e.g. different users, different instruments, different performance requirements).

To save or load settings as a profile, open the right hand 'Display' option menu and click on Profile.

display menu

Clicking on the 'Save' button will ask you to either give your profile a new name, or choose an existing profile to overwrite.

Clicking on the 'Load' button will ask you to choose which save profile you want to load in to the app.

Profiles are stored in the /OpenSong/Profile/ folder

As new features are added to the app, old profiles will not necessarily have these settings stored in them. If you load an older profile, it will use OpenSongApp's default settings for any new features. You can always resave/overwrite an old profile after adjusting the new features to your liking.