CCLI usage logs (V5.x.x)

OpenSongApp allows automatic logging of songs.  The app will record creation, edit, delete, rename, project and print (when a song is added to a set).  You will find this useful when completing usage returns to

Please note that the log is not sent to CCLI, it just helps you complete the return.  CCLI does not currently allow this, and many users have a combination of church and non-church songs that don't get sent to CCLI.

To enable logging of CCLI usage stats, you can switch it on from the right hand settings menu after choosing the CCLI category.

From this page you can:

If your log file exceeds 1Mb or is older than 18 months old, the app will warn you on first start and will deactivate automatic logging (as this will improve performance and speed).  You can manually clear the log or just switch logging back on, but the app will deactivate this on each start up until you deal with it!