Changing the language (V5.x.x)

OpenSongApp currently ships with multiple languages, however, most of these are translations created by Google Translate, which isn't perfect. I do have volunteers currently for German and Serbian languages, but I could always do with more! If you are interested in contributing to a translation, please check out the Translations page. These volunteers have given their time to help make the app better for users in their own language, but we need more (even if it is in one of the existing languages).


When you first run the app, OpenSongApp will try to determine any translations that match your device settings. If it cannot find one, it will default to English. You can, however, manually choose a different translation if you prefer (this is also useful for translators to compare translations). To do this, open the 'Other' option menu and click on 'Language'. If no language is selected, OpenSongApp has chosen the best one automatically, but clicking on any option will change the app to this language.

If you change the language accidentally, it should be easy enough to go back - the 'Other' menu is the last one in the right hand menu and the language button has the Google translate icon.