Getting help (V5.x.x)

  • If you are on this website, you can navigate to the Forum to get help. However, it is nice to have contact options within the app to enable you to get help quickly. Open the right hand 'Other' option menu and you will find various methods of getting help: Help (online) - This is a link to this website.

  • @OpenSongApp - Tweet me. You are limited to 140 characters though!

  • - This creates a post in the Forum

If you find bugs or need help, please contact me using one of the above options. I provide this app free of charge and it frustrates me when people give me a negative rating on the Google Play Store telling me that something isn't working (especially having not previously given me a positive rating when it was working!). The Play Store rating is to let other potential users know of the app features/suitability/etc. Negative ratings shouldn't be used to hold developers to ransom! This applies to other apps as well - I have literally poured thousands of hours into this app and provide it free of charge. I get no help developing it, fixing it or adding new features - please be nice!

While you're reading this, if you haven't given me a rating, please do! Comments in your rating are also helpful for me and other potential users.