Autoscroll (V5.x.x)


If you do not have the luxury of a Bluetooth foot pedal for scrolling through songs and you don't want to have the app automatically scale the song to fit the page, you can choose to autoscroll the song instead (this will only work if autoscroll is set to 'Width only' or 'Off' and the song does not completely fit on the screen.

Clicking on the 'Autoscroll' button at the bottom of the page will open the Autoscroll settings pop-up page (only available for OpenSong songs, not PDF files, etc).  If you have already set your autoscroll values for the song (or have chosen to use default values), you can quick start/stop the autoscroll by long pressing on the autoscroll button.

In order to avoid the autoscroll moving past the first few lines of the song too quickly, you can choose a delay time (0-30 seconds).

You also need to specify the song duration - how long the app should take to autoscroll through the song in total (I recommend using a time slightly shorter than the song length to ensure the last few lines are displayed in plenty of time!).  The delay time is included in this song duration.  If you have set an audio link file, you can click on the link icon to automatically match the length of the song to this link file by clicking on the link button to the right of the song duration box.

After clicking on start, the app will wait for the delay time and then begin scrolling a small amount at a time.  You can still manually scroll through the song and autoscroll will continue.  To stop autoscroll, click on the autoscroll button and press stop.  Once the song reaches the bottom of the song, autoscrolling will stop automatically.

autoscroll menu
default autoscroll

You can also set default autoscroll delay and song duration times to use for all songs that haven't specified these individually.  You can do this from the right hand settings menu and selecting the Autoscroll category.  You can also force the app to automatically start autoscrolling when a song is displayed.