Highlighter Notes (V5.x.x)

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Ideally any notes you make in OpenSongApp should be made inside the OpenSong file itself.  Normally notes can be stored as comment lines in the lyrics, or as separate sticky notes.  However, sometimes you just need to draw something.  Enter the new 'Highlighter' tool.  This can also be used on PDF and images used in the app.  Be aware the Highlighter feature is still experimental and may have some bugs!

Be aware that there are restrictions to this feature:

If you don't care about the above and want to get started.  Follow these instructions.

There are 3 ways of creating highlighter notes for songs:

OpenSongApp will then take a screenshot of your song as it appears and display it on the 'Create Highlight' page.

At the top of this page, you will see the currently selected tool.  Clicking on this tool will open or close the Highlighter and tool options.

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The tools available to you are a highlighter, pencil, eraser and trash.  You can set the size and colour of the highlighter, pencil and eraser tools from this options window.  Click on the tool you want, then the colour (except for the eraser!) and then set the tool size.  Close the tool options window by clicking on the top tool icon again (which now shows the currently selected tool).

If you want to delete a Highlighter note, or just want to start again, click on the 'Trash' icon.

If you have completed a highlighter note, click on the green tick at the top of the screen to save it.  The app will then display this over your song.   Clicking on the Highlighter page button will toggle your notes on or off.  Clicking the red cross will not save any changes.

By default, the app will automatically show Highlighter notes if they are available, but you can switch this off or change how long they should show for using the right hand 'Display' menu and clicking on the 'Extra information' button.

Highlighter notes are saved as .png images in your OpenSong/Highlighter/ folder.  Be aware that if you use these extensively, you will take up a fair bit of storage space!

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