Adding songs using the camera (V5.x.x)

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If you have turned up to a rehearsal or gig and are given a sheet of paper, or a printed songbook to use for one of your songs, you can use your camera to add the song to OpenSongApp. Please note that you will not be able to transpose or edit this song. You obviously need to have a camera built in to your device and have granted the appropriate permission to OpenSongApp.

Selecting the camera option in the 'Find new songs' menu will allow you to take a photo, then give it a song name and tell the app where to store it. By default, the image name will be based on the current date and time, however, you can rename it as you like. You do, however, need to keep the .jpg extension.

Please note that these image songs will take up considerably more storage space than OpenSong formatted songs. I'd encourage you only to use this as a temporary method of adding songs.

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