Song folders (V5.x.x)

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Creating a new song folder

By default, OpenSongApp creates a MAIN folder for your songs. This is the root folder found at ../OpenSong/Songs/

If you want to create your own song folders (e.g. have one for Church songs and one for other songs), you can create additional subfolders for songs. OpenSongApp currently copes with two levels of subfolders.

To create a new song folder, open the right hand 'Storage' option and click on 'Create song folder'. You will be asked for a name for your folder. If you want to create a second level subfolder, you should name the new folder as subfolder1/subfolder2. e.g. if you want to create a folder to store church music and within this folder you want a separate (2nd level) sub-folder for Christmas songs, you could create this second level sub-folder by naming it Church/Christmas. OpenSongApp will first create the Church subfolder (if it doesn't already exist) and within that, it will create a folder named Christmas.

Any folders you create will be available from the left hand songs menu after clicking on the 'Change folder' icon at the top.

Editing a song folder name

You can change the name of any folder by choosing the 'Edit song folder name' button from the 'Storage' option menu. Select the folder you wish to rename and choose a new name for this folder. You can only choose a folder name that doesn't already exist.