Editing songs (V5.x.x)

To edit a song, pull it up from the song menu (left hand side) and make sure it is displayed on the main screen. You can also long press on a song in the song menu to bring up the song options menu.From the right hand settings menu, choose the 'SONG' option and select 'Edit'. This will then present you with the Edit Song page. You can also pull up the Edit Song page by using a custom gesture - by default this is a double tap on the song window.

When editing a song, you can change the song title, but the app uses the song file name to sort in the song menu. If you need to change the file name, save the song and use the Rename option from the right hand settings menu under SONG.

Song menu
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You can change the author, copyright information and lyrics (with chords) in addition to everything that the desktop version allows.

The lyrics edit pane follows the same formatting as the desktop version of OpenSong:

  • Chord lines start with a full stop/period

  • Lyrics/word lines start with a space

  • Comment lines start with a semicolon

  • Verses are identified with a [V], [V1], [V2], etc. tag

  • Choruses are identified with a [C], [C1], etc. tag

  • Bridges are identified with a [B] tag

  • Prechoruses are identified with a [P] tag

  • Tag sections are identified with a [T] tag (confusing?)

  • Any custom tag can be used e.g. [Instrumental], [Outro], etc.

  • Sections that can be filtered (to show or hide) look like [*Guitar:V].

To quickly add a blank tag, you will find a [ ] button above the edit lyrics section. Clicking on this button will add a blank tag at your current cursor position ready to enter a section name.

If you prefer to type songs using ChordPro format, switch the toggle button for file type (above the lyrics field) to ChordPro. Songs are only saved in OpenSong format to retain compatibility with the desktop app. You can toggle between the two formats for editing and the app will try to convert between them. Be aware that wrongly entered tags will not be converted properly.

Note that if you have a foot pedal connected, the on-screen keyboard will not show up unless you have turned off the hardware keyboard option in Android (Go to 'Settings' --> 'Language and Input' --> 'Default' --> 'Hardware' turn off).

Make any required changes (chords should be aligned above the appropriate lyric line).

You can toggle between the Basic and Advanced fields by clicking on the toggle button.

Click on the 'Save changes' button to save the updated song to your Songs folder.

You can also quit without saving the changes or even delete this song completely if you so desire.