Extracting text from PDF files

Extract text from a PDF file

If you have a text based PDF already in your OpenSongApp song folder, you can have the app try to extract the text and covert the PDF into an OpenSongApp file. Please note that this isn't perfect and the spacing of some of the chords will need tweaked, but you will be able to perform functions such as transpose, autoscroll and play pads and metronomes with the OpenSongApp file. Image based PDF files will not work with this feature. To attempt to convert a PDF file, display it in Performance mode, then click on the song title in the task bar (the top left of the screen). The app will then give you a preview of the text it can extract. If you want to proceed, click on the green 'Create new song' button.

You will then be taken to the edit screen where you can tweak the layout. Click on the green tick to save the changes.