Importing OpenSong songs (V5.x.x)

Find new songs
Import backup

Rather than bundling my songs with the app, I have left the app clear of songs so that you can build or use your own songs. If, however, you want to import my songs to give you a head start, you can do this using the 'Find new songs' option from the right hand settings menu. These are links to online OpenSongApp backup files of my church and band songs. Clicking on the appropriate link will download and attempt to import the appropriate songs. The church songs will be stored in the MAIN folder (make sure to select this when importing) and the band songs will be installed to a 'Band' folder (again make sure to select this folder). If you want to use my songs to overwrite any that you currently have with the same name, make sure you switch on the overwrite feature. If this is switched off, only new songs will be added to the appropriate folders.

If you want to import other user's songs, either click on the .osb file that has been shared with you (this will trigger the import OpenSongApp backup page), or select select import OpenSongApp backup from the storage menu. You will then be asked to find the backup file (.osb) on your device. The procedure is then the same as above - choose the folders to import and decide if you want to overwrite existing items.

You can also directly import .ost (OpenSong songs), desktop OpenSong files (no file extension), image files, pdf files, iOS style songs (and their backup file) and chordpro files. To automatically import these, click on the file using your Android file browser and select OpenSongApp as the application to open them,. The app will ask where you want to install these files.