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If you or your church has a valid SongSelect licence, you can now download chord charts as PDF files directly within the app.  If the webpage also has selectable text (i.e. you can highlight and copy/paste), it will also attempt to extract this and create an OpenSong version of the file.  If not, only the PDF will be downloaded - this is normally the case I'm afraid.  To download songs from your SongSelect account, open the right hand options menu and select the 'Find new songs' category.  Then click on the 'SongSelect' button.  You will then be asked for a phrase to search for.

When you use this feature for the first time, you will need to log in to SongSelect with your details before the search results are available.  Click on the 'Sign in' link text and then enter your details.  Remember to tick the box that says 'Keep me signed in'.  This will save you having to do this again when importing from SongSelect when using the app.  The app doesn't store your login details, but your browser will (using standard cookies).

From the results page, select the chord charts of the song that you want to download by scrolling down and clicking on the 'Chords' button as shown in the screenshot to the right.  The song chords will then load in the browser.

If you can highlight the text on the web-page, the app will try to extract that text from the page as well as download the PDF when you click on the Extract ChordPro data button.  Some songs are PDF download only and my app won't convert them.  You can though, since V5.1.0, still use pads and metronomes with PDF files (the app creates a mock song entry in its database that stores the required info since it can't edit the PDF).

If you want to proceed with the PDF download, click on the 'Extract ChordPro data' button.  This will trigger the download and try to automatically put it into your OpenSong songs folder.  If you click on the website 'Download' button, you'll have to move this manually.  Clicking on this button automatically logs the download to SongSelect and will count towards your download quota.  OpenSongApp is purely intercepting the download location.  Only unique files are counted in a reporting period (downloading a song multiple times does not use up your quota).

Wait for the message 'Download complete' to appear on your device before proceeding with choosing a song title and folder to save the files into.  If text was extracted from the webpage when the download was triggered, OpenSongApp will save the PDF into this folder along with an OpenSongApp version with the same name.  If the song text is not selectable on the webpage (an image of the PDF is displayed only), only the PDF file will be downloaded.

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