Importing songs from other online services (V5.x.x)

(Ultimate-Guitar, Chordie, UkuTabs, HolyChords, etc).

Find new songs

There are many songs already created in the ChordPro format available from,, UkuTabs or Ultimate guitar. These songs can be downloaded to your device and will automatically be converted to OpenSong format. To search for a song at, HolyChords, UkuTabs or Ultimate guitar, click on the appropriate button in the 'Find new songs' option.

Enter a search phrase (which can be lyrics, song title, or artist) and click OK. The app then opens up a search at or Ultimate guitar depending on what you selected.

Scroll down the page until you find the appropriate file and select it. Preview the song in the window (note that tab and chord diagrams are removed). If you are happy with what you see, click on 'Extract ChordPro data'. Note that the windows below will look different depending on the online service that you are using.

If the search window does not contain any relevant ChordPro data (lyrics/chords) you will be told this and need to find a different page. You can navigate around the Chordie/UkuTabs/UG website to refine your search if necessary.

If ChordPro data is detected, the app will ask you which folder to save the song into within the OpenSong/Songs folder. If you just want to use the default folder, select '(MAIN)' at the top of the folder list. You can also create a new folder if necessary by clicking the button at the top of the dialogue. Remember, you are only allowed two levels of subfolders within the main Songs folder.

The app will download the song as a file titled chordie_import.chopro / UG_import.chopro / etc. and then attempt to convert it to OpenSong format. If successful, the song will be renamed according to the ChordPro title.

Search results
Check chordie
save location

It is highly recommended that you edit your song and add the appropriate OpenSong tags to improve the display on your screen.

Occasionally Ultimate Guitar UkuTabs and Chordie change the structure of their website and my import feature stops working correctly. Just let me know if this happens and I'll try to put a fix in place.