Importing Worship Together songs (V5.x.x)

If you have a valid Worship Together login, you can extract ChordPro data for songs into OpenSongApp. 

Open up the 'Find new songs' category from the right hand options menu and select 'Worship Together'.  Enter your search phrase and click on the button to begin the search.  Scroll down the results and select an appropriate Song results.  At the top of the screen, you will see the button to log in to Worship Together.

After logging in, you will see the content of the song you have searched for.  Click on the green 'Extract ChordPro Data' button to download the ChordPro.  Do not use the link in the website as it will not automatically be saved to your OpenSong/Songs directory (you would have to move it manually).

Once the app has downloaded the ChordPro data, you can specify the song file name and storage location.  The app will then convert it into OpenSong format. 

Worship Together login
Find new songs menu