Sharing/exporting songs (V5.x.x)

If you want to share an individual song with another user, you can export it. To do this, either long press the song in the song menu and select 'Export', or open the song and select 'Export' from the right hand 'Songs' option menu. You will then be asked which format you want to share. Options are:

  • OpenSongApp song (.ost). This option should be used to share with other OpenSongApp users. The file content is exactly the same as the default OpenSong file used by the desktop app, however, the .ost extension allows the mobile app on Android to automatically recognise it and import the song into the app.

  • Desktop file. Exactly the same as the .ost file but without the file extension

  • Text (.txt). A plain text file useful for copying and pasting into other programs

  • Chordpro (.cho). A chordpro formatted song used by various other mobile song apps

  • iOS styled song file. If this is for you, you probably know what this is. This should be used to share songs with iOS users running an alternative (which means not the same as) to OpenSongApp. Whilst they can already import OpenSong files, this makes it easier for them!

  • Screenshot image/PDF. This takes a screenshot of your song and exports it as a png image or a PDF file. If you want to use this option, please select a light/custom theme for best results and ensure that autoscale is turned on and set to full.

You can select multiple export formats.

Once you click on the green tick, you will be asked how you want to share the song file (Bluetooth, email, etc.). Whatever option you choose, you must have already given the app handling the shared files permissions to access your storage.

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