Using guitar tab (V5.x.x)

OpenSong songs by default do not understand guitar tab.  However, as a way of keeping OpenSongApp cross compatible with the desktop version of OpenSong,  guitar tab can be added as a series of special 'comment' lines.  This means that the desktop app will see them as comments (i.e not use them for presentation), but in OpenSongApp, they can be formatted as mono-spaced font guitar tab.  Firstly you need to edit the song as previously described.

To enter guitar tab lines, you can add them under a separate section, or anywhere within the song.  The format is the same each time:

;X |

Where X is the string tuning (e.g. E,A,D,G,B,e,F#).  If the string tuning is a single character (e.g. G), it should be followed by a space if one of the other strings is tuned as a double character (e.g. F#).  This keeps the guitar tab lines in sync with each other.


[My tab]

;e |---5|--3-|

;B |---5|--3-|

;G |3---|0---|

;D |----|----|

;A |--3-|--3-|

;E |----|----|

[Alt tuning]

;D |---7|--5-|

;C |---4|--2-|

;F |5---|2---|

;D |----|----|


;F |----|----|