Stage Mode (V5.x.x)

If you are part of the tech team and want to control stage display monitors then Stage Mode is for you!  You can also use Stage Mode if you have the sole task of performing and controlling what is displayed on the big screen at the same time.

Stage Mode splits your song into sections (this is done automatically using song tags [..] and OpenSong new slide sections !--).  Each section is then shown on your mobile device in a separate box that is scaled so that it fits the screen width if possible and takes up no more than 70% of the screen height (allowing you to see what is coming next!).  You can change this value in the Autoscale menu 

Stage Mode works best when you connect to a wireless display such as Chromecast.  When you select a song section (by clicking on it, using a foot pedal, or swiping left/right), the currently selected section is shown on the connected display.

Be aware that while autoscroll still works with Stage Mode, it does not automatically select sections, you have to do this manually.  Clicking on a section scrolls that to the top of the page - for this reason, you are encouraged not to use Autoscroll with Stage Mode.

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