Current sets (V5.x.x)

When using OpenSongApp, the set you are currently using (adding to, editing, performing, etc.) is described as the CURRENT SET. This set is not synchronised across devices and is specific to your device. It is automatically saved to your device when you make changes. You can, however, choose to keep this set, or share it with others by making it a SAVED SET.

Creating a blank CURRENT SET

To create a new set, open the right hand settings menu and choose the SET option. From here you can choose to 'Create a new set'. The app will ask you to confirm your choice as it will delete any set you are currently using (this only clears the current set, not saved sets). Current sets are only stored in the app and are not saved to your OpenSong/Sets folder. You can, however choose to save current sets to proper OpenSong sets, or load in OpenSong sets to your current set.

set menu
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Adding a song to your current set

There are several ways of adding songs to your current set. When a new song is added, it is always added to the end of the set.

  1. Ticking the 'set checkboxes' in the song menu - these boxes can be shown or hidden by using the switch in the Set menu. Ticking a song adds it to the set and unticking it, removes it.

  2. Long pressing on a song in the song menu brings up the song popup menu which has an option to add the song to the set

  3. Opening a song in the song window and then clicking on the '+' icon in the actionbar/taskbar

  4. Using a custom gesture - by default, long pressing on the song window will add the song to your set.

To add a song to a set multiple times, any of the options above except option 1 will work.

If you want to add other items to your set, such as notes, slides, images, or scriptures, you can do this by clicking on the 'ADD CUSTOM SLIDE TO SET' item in the right hand options menu under the SET category. If you want to make a custom note or slide a reusable item (i.e. you are likely to add this to future sets), click on the 'Save as a reusable slide' button. These are covered later.

View your set

The simplest way to see your set is to click on the set list icon on the right of the screen.

This will bring up a scrollable, and clickable set list. You can also swipe away songs to delete them from the set, or drag them around to reorder them. Each set item gives the item number, song title, key (if set) and folder that the song is found in. When shuffle or moving items around, the numbers are not changed until you click on the green tick to save your changes. Clicking on the red cross at the top will cancel any changes you have made.

The name of the set will be shown at the top of the set view and will tell you if you have made changes to a loaded set that haven't yet been physically saved back to the original saved set.

set page button

Buttons at the bottom of your set list allow you to show/hide instructions on how to edit the set, tweet your set (won't work for huge sets with a 140 character limit though!), shuffle your set and save the current set as a SAVED SET.

Whenever you make a change to your current set, you should click on the tick at the top to save the changes - these changes to the current set are only made to the set on your device.

When performing, clicking on songs in your set will display them on the screen. This makes it slightly easier that having to hunt through the songs in the songs menu, especially if there are 500+ songs! Once you have started viewing a song in a set, you will see back and forward arrows at the bottom of the song screen. You can use these to move between songs in your current set. If you have enabled swipe between songs from the right hand options menu, you can now move between songs in your set by swiping the screen left to right or right to left. If you have set up a Bluetooth footswitch, pressing the next or previous buttons will allow you scroll through the songs in this set. When you select a song from a set, the folder containing that song is opened in the left hand song menu.

You can also see your current set by scrolling down the right hand 'Set' options menu. The items here are clickable and long pressing them will remove them from your current set.

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