Exporting and sharing sets (V5.x.x)

If you are not using OpenSong with a shared Dropbox folder (see Working with Dropbox) you can choose to export a saved set. If you want to export your current set, you first have to make it a saved set. To export a saved set, click on 'EXPORT' from the right hand 'Set' options menu and select the set you want to export. You will then be asked what you want to include in the export. Options are:

  • OpenSongApp set (.osts). This file is identical to the desktop app set file (an xml file without any extension). By including the .osts extension, sharing this set with other OpenSongApp users will allow them to directly import the set by clicking on the file.

  • OpenSongApp song (.ost). Any songs that are in your set and exist on your device can also be exported as separate files.

  • Desktop file. This will include the desktop set and song files.

  • Text (.txt). Useful if you want to email a set list to friends without attaching any files.

You can include multiple export options.

Once you have clicked on the green tick icon to proceed, you will be asked how you want to share the file(s). This will depend on the apps currently installed on your tablet, but will include Bluetooth, email, Dropbox, etc. Whatever option you choose, you must have already given the app handling the shared files permissions to access your storage.

If you include any songs with the set and these songs were originally in a subfolder, the user receiving the song files and set via email will need to copy the songs into matching folder names.

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