Saving, loading and deleting sets (V5.x.x)

Save a current set to a proper OpenSong set

If you want to share your current set with others, or want to archive it, open the right hand 'Set' options menu and then click on 'SAVE'. Alternatively, you can click on the 'Set' page button and then click the save icon at the bottom right of the popup set.

set page button
popup set
set menu
save set

You will be asked for a name for this set (since this is the file name, avoid using punctuation if possible) - e.g 'Sun am 6th Mar 2016' would be a sensible set name.

If you have set up the app to use Dropbox/Dropsync, saved sets are synchronised between devices.

You can sort set names alphanumerically, so consider naming sets with dates in the format 'YYYY-MM-DD Set Name'

You can also choose a set category. This is similar to having song folders in the app. Set categories allow you to group your sets. The MAIN category is the default category, but you can create your own using the + icon. I use categories for each type of gig that I play - 'Church', 'Band' and 'Solo stuff'. To keep the app compatible with the desktop app where set categories do not exist, the sets are named with the category followed by underscores then the set name. e.g. a set named '15th July 2017' that is saved to the 'Band' category will be seen in the desktop app as 'Band___15th July 2017'.

If you want to overwrite an existing item, click on it in the set list and then tick the 'Overwrite existing item' box.

Sets created in the app are readable by the desktop OpenSong application and will preserve any Scripture or custom Slides originally created in the desktop app. Themes, videos, PowerPoints, etc. are not preserved, so be aware!

Load a previously saved OpenSong set

If you have a previously saved set in your OpenSong/Sets folder, you can load it into your current set. This will replace your current set. From the 'Set' options menu on the right hand side, click on 'LOAD'.

This will then give you a list of all sets that are currently available in your OpenSong/Sets folder. You can choose the appropriate set category as before.

To load a set, simply click on it in this list. If you want to merge various sets (i.e. load more than one set at a time), you can select more than one from the list. If this is done, they are imported in the order that you ticked them in the list. Note that when sets are imported, only the songs, scriptures and custom slides are included - all other slides are removed. If you save this set again, it will lose all slides other than the songs you have selected. To avoid this, always save it with a different name (e.g. Sun am 6th Mar 2016 modified). This is only an issue if you are creating PowerPoint slides in the desktop app.

load set
delete set

Delete previously saved OpenSong sets

To delete a previously saved set, from the main options menu on the right hand side, click on "Delete'. Once you see a list of sets that are saved, tick the set items you want to delete and click the green tick to proceed. You will then be asked to confirm the deletion of the selected sets.