Welcome to OpenSongApp

Welcome to the OpenSongApp website. This website is designed as the online manual for the free Android song book app available on Google Play.

OpenSongApp is designed to allow musicians, worship leaders, etc. use their Android tablet as a portable song book using their collection of OpenSong songs. It is also a portable alternative to using a desktop/laptop running OpenSong for tech teams connecting to a projector / secondary display.

Check out the features page to find out what the app can do!

It is also a good, free, Android alternative to expensive iOS software.

Performance mode running in v6 of the app

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Please take the time to try out and review the app on the Google Play Store.


OpenSongApp is, and will always be, FREE OF CHARGE. However, if you want to support me (think of it as buying me a virtual beer), you can do this via PayPal: