Welcome to OpenSongApp

Welcome to the OpenSongApp website. This website is designed as the online manual for the free Android song book app available on Google Play.

OpenSongApp is designed to allow musicians, worship leaders, etc. use their Android tablet as a portable song book using their collection of OpenSong songs. It is also a portable alternative to using a desktop/laptop running OpenSong for tech teams connecting to a projector / secondary display.

It is also a good, free, Android alternative to users who don't have iPads!

Some of the features of the app are listed below:

  • Performance, Stage and Presentation modes.

  • A pull out menu of all OpenSong Songs on your device allowing you to select a song quickly

  • Fully indexed search feature - correctly formatted songs can be searched by title, author, lyrics, key, theme and hymn number.

  • Changing the display of a song to suit your preferences - 4 fully customisable colour themes available!

  • Automatically scale songs to best fit the screen (width and height, or width only), or manually set the font size. You can also pinch zoom in or out.

  • Transpose feature to quickly change the key of your songs

  • Show/hide chords (useful for singers)

  • Show/hide lyrics (useful for non-singers)

  • Show capo, native or both sets of chords in different colours

  • View chord diagrams for guitar, ukulele, banjo, cavaquinho and mandolin. The app has loads of default chords, but you can also add your own custom fingerings as well.

  • Choose whether to display chords using # or b symbols

  • Choose preferred key settings (should it be Eb or D#?)

  • Support for European chord formats (es/is/Do re mi) and Nashville numbering.

  • Store sticky post it style notes with your songs

  • Add annotation drawings to your songs

  • Create new songs or edit current ones

  • Import songs from online sources or take a photo with the camera!

  • Create and edit sets of songs

  • Sets can include custom notes, slides and bible verses

  • Songs in sets can be converted to 'Variations'. This allows you to modify songs in your set without changing the original songs - ideal if you want to change a key of a song in the set only (or have two versions of the song in the set in different keys). You can even edit the lyrics, etc. This variation is saved with the set and other users get a copy!

  • Load in previously created/shared sets

  • Will display PDF documents in performance mode (e.g. scanned sheet music) - this is only available on devices running API 21/5.0 (Android Lollipop) or above. Multiple page PDF files are supported.

  • Support for Bluetooth/USB page turning foot pedals (to move between songs in sets and scrolling up and down if necessary) - you can assign pedals to any of the 31 built in control features. App supports pedals with up to 6 buttons

  • Autoscroll function - just specify the song duration, or use the default timings

  • Auto background worship 'pads' built in - just specify the song key!

  • Custom pads can be set within the app - just specify the pad file to use for each key.

  • Built in metronome - make sure you specify a time signature and tempo for the song. Also has the option of a visual metronome by flashing the top action bar.

  • MIDI integration allows songs to send MIDI commands to external Bluetooth or USB MIDI devices (recognised commands are Program change, Controller change, Note on/off, MSB and LSB).

  • Swipe between songs or use onscreen buttons.

  • Scroll up and down pages by dragging or on screen buttons

  • Export saved songs or sets via email, Dropbox, etc.

  • Support of subfolders in your Songs folder to allow sorting songs by theme, etc.

  • Full integration with online Dropbox folders using external app

  • Online search, import and conversion for songs using Ultimate guitar, Chordie, SongSelect, Worship Together, HolyChords, etc.

  • Current song can be looked up on YouTube via search button

  • Fully compatible with .pro and .chopro file format (songs are automatically converted into OpenSong format). It'll also open files from some iOS apps

  • Import all songs from a iOS alternative backup file

  • Dual screen presentation of songs with custom background images and video

  • Support for presenting Scripture and Custom slides created in the desktop application

  • Allows user choice of storing song on internal or external memory (SD card)

  • CCLI logging

  • Connect musician devices having host and client devices. Everyone can now see the same song! This feature requires having the Google Play libraries installed (uses Google Nearby). You can check this page if you don't!

  • Fully compatible with desktop app (OpenSong formatted files only)


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Please take the time to try out and review the app on the Google Play Store.


OpenSongApp is, and will always be, FREE OF CHARGE. However, if you want to support me (think of it as buying me a virtual beer), you can do this via PayPal: