Previous update logs

Latest stable release: V.6.1.4 (386)

8th May 2024

V.6.1.3 (385)

2nd May 2024

V.6.1.2 (384)

21st April 2024

V.6.1.1 (383)

15th April 2024

V.6.0.9 (381)

19th March 2024

V.6.0.8 (380)

11th March 2024

V.6.0.7 (379)

5th March 2024

V.6.0.6 (378)

1st March 2024

V.6.0.5 (377)

23rd February 2024

V.6.0.3/4 (375/376)

22nd February 2024

V.6.0.2 (374)

13th February 2024

V.6.0.1 (373)

8th February 2024

V.6.0.0 (372)

31st January 2024


1st Dec 2022


17th November 2022


1st November 2022


8th October 2022


7th September 2022


10th August 2022


4th August 2022


14th July 2022


8th July 2022


2nd May 2022


4th April 2022


16th February 2022


30th January 2022


26th January 2022


1st November 2021


14th July 2021


4th April 2021


21st March 2021


26th January 2021


30th December 2020

V.5.2.8 (188)

23rd December 2020

V.5.2.6 (186)

21st November 2020

V.5.2.5 (185)

18th October 2020

V.5.2.4 (184)

4th October 2020

V.5.2.3 (183)

23rd August 2020

V.5.2.2 (182)

18th August 2020

V.5.1.4 (174)

28th December 2019

V.5.1.3 (173)

12th December 2019

V.5.1.2 (172)

28th November 2019

V.5.1.1 (171)

1st November 2019

V.5.1.0 (170)

16th October 2019

V.5.0.9 (169)

30th September 2019

V.5.0.8 (168)

2nd September 2019

V.5.0.5 (165)

5th August 2019

Many thanks to my numerous loyal users who have supported me over the years and understand the problems of keeping apps up to date.  Also to those who have given me constructive and / or positive reviews on the Play Store.  A massive thank you to those who have taken the time to help troubleshoot issues (sending screenshots, files, etc.).  Also to those, who have supported me with donations (which I still find incredible that people do!).  I've got to know some of you quite well over the years!

I have spent hundreds of hours since September trying to get the app able to run on newer versions of Android due to security updates (whilst I probably should have been spending time with my family!), however, I've taken a bit of a battering recently via email and Play Store ratings.  With this in mind, I wanted to let users know that I am now considering removing the app from Google Play Store (and Amazon App Store).   I'm finding it tough going to deal with it all!  I will likely keep the app available via my website downloads page, which will also stop 'unexpected/forced' updates (as apps install via apk files don't get automatically updated).  I'll keep the app on the Play Store for now (to help out those who need the update).  I'll take a little time to consider my options.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

V.5.0.3 (163)

1st August 2019

V.5.0.2 (162)

27th July 2019

V.5.0.1 (161)

22nd July 2019

In order to move forward with newer devices (and the restrictions imposed), I've unfortunately had to drop support for devices running Android 4.2 and lower.  I've only just managed to support KitKat for now (4.4).  Android Lollipop (5.1) is now the recommended minimum.  KitKat still cannot use SD cards I'm afraid, but the app will still work for you.  I will keep older versions of the app on my Downloads page.

V.4.3.2 (154)

29th August 2018

V.4.3.1 (153)

27th August 2018

V.4.3.0 (152)

18th August 2018

V.4.2.8 (150)

21st July 2018

V.4.2.7 (149)

15th June 2018

V.4.2.6 (148)

16th May 2018

V.4.2.5 (147)

3rd March 2018

V.4.2.4 (146)

16th February 2018

V.4.2.2 (144)

17th January 2018

V.4.2.1 (143)

5th January 2018

*Thanks go to James Miller for contributing code for the autoscroll and sub folder updates via GitHub

V.4.1.8 (140)

19th November 2017

V.4.1.6 (138)

12th November 2017

V.4.1.4 (136)

30th October 2017

V.4.1.0b (132)

27th October 2017

V.4.0.8 (128)

7th August 2017

V.4.0.7 (127)

5th August 2017

V.4.0.6 (126)

4th August 2017

Just a quick note to let others know that a few users are starting to experience problems with external storage not being available.  This is due to updates to Android security (nothing to do with me, despite criticism in the Play Store comments).  I've always encouraged people to use internal/emulated storage - which I still suggest you do.  Affected devices mostly seem to be Samsung ones currently.  If you can move or copy your songs (using a file manager) and change your storage location in OpenSongApp, I'd highly recommend it.  Check the internal/emulated storage location reported by OpenSongApp.  This is the best place to store your files.  I've played around with a way of changing how the storage can be accessed, but with limited success.  I can just about make it work in the app, but currently Dropsync and Dropbox can't use the affected device storage either, so that would create other problems.  I'm unlikely to be able to fix this.

V.4.0.5 (125)

23rd July 2017

V.4.0.4 (124)

1st July 2017

V.4.0.3 (123)

20th June 2017

V.4.0.1 (121)

12th June 2017

V.4.0.0 (120)

7th June 2017

Here it is, the big update!  While most users will only notice cosmetic differences, the app has virtually been rewritten from the base up, hopefully improving the overall performance and, of course, adding a rake of new features!

If you have any issue with accessing your current song database, don't worry, it won't have been deleted.  Open the manage storage option and select your original storage location.  You may need to close the app and then reopen it for everything to be rebuilt.

V.3.9.6 (107)

31st December 2016

V.3.9.4 (105)

6th October 2016

V.3.9.3 (104)

25th September 2016

V.3.9.2 (103)

16th September 2016

V.3.8.9 (101)

2nd September 2016

I was desperate to get this update out before all of your gigs kick off tonight!

V.3.8.8 (100)

29th August 2016

V.3.8.6 (98)

11th August 2016

V.3.8.5 (97)

2nd June 2016

V.3.8.4 (96)

2nd June 2016

V.3.8.3 (95)

1st June 2016

V.3.8.2 (94)

21st May 2016

V.3.8.1 (93)

13th May 2016

V.3.8.0 (92)

8th May 2016

V.3.7.9 (91)

6th May 2016

V.3.7.8 (90)

15th April 2016

V.3.7.7 (89)

6th April 2016

V.3.7.6 (88)

4th April 2016

V.3.7.5 (87)

28th March 2016

V.3.7.4 (86)

21st February 2016

V.3.7.3 (85)

19th February 2016

V.3.7.2 (84)

18th February 2016

Replaced V3.7.1 (83) within minutes as I mixed up the song title and the filename (not always the same!)

V.3.7.0 (82)

14th February 2016

V.3.6.9 (81)

25th January 2016

V.3.6.8 (80)

18th January 2016

V.3.6.7 (79)

8th January 2016

V.3.6.6 (78)

23rd December 2015

V.3.6.5 (77)

14th December 2015

V.3.6.4 (76)

6th Decemeber 2015

V.3.6.3 (75)

3rd December 2015

V.3.6.2 (74)

28th November 2015

V.3.6.1 (73)

20th November 2015

V.3.6.0 (72)

21st October 2015

V.3.5.5 (71)

27th August 2015

V.3.5.4 (70)

20th August 2015

V.3.5.3 (69)

19th August 2015

V.3.5.2 (68)

17th August 2015

V.3.5.1 (67)

16th August 2015

V.3.5.0 (66)

13th August 2015

V.3.4.5 (65)

21st June 2015

V.3.4.4 (64)

18th May 2015

V.3.4.3 (63)

30th April 2015

V.3.4.2 (62)

27th April 2018

V.3.4.1 (61)

8th April 2015

V.3.4.0 (60)

7th April 2015

V.3.3.4 (59)

30th March 2015

V.3.3.3 (58)

21st March 2015

V.3.3.2 (57)

16th March 2015

V.3.3.0 (55)

9th March 2015

Quite a big update, with a lot of time spent on this - enjoy!