Song indexing

Found under: Song Menu > + > Rebuild song index

When you first boot OpenSongApp the app will fully index your songs.  This involves scanning all items in your OpenSong/Songs folder and for OpenSong formatted songs, the app will read in the contents of these songs and build a database of their contents.  This is a relatively slow process and only needs to be carried out if the files have been changed using another app (OpenSongApp updates its database whenever you change or edit a song in the app). 

If you have updated files and want the app to only update songs that have changed since the last full index, you can run the quick index.  This only reads in file that have a created/modified date newer than the database file.  This should be quite a fast scan and is ideal if you use external synchronisation (such as Dropsync or Autosync for Google Drive).  I should point out that quick means quicker than full!

If you haven't changed anything, the app will allow you to skip indexing, thus speeding up the boot process.

While song indexing is taking place, you will be unable to edit songs or adjust song actions related to the song.

Indexing is quite an intensive process and is affected by memory, device speed and any other processes running in the background.  For each song (I know many users have over 1000), the app has to open each one in turn, read in the data, process the song and create a database entry before moving to the next one.  Please be patient.

Index songs (full)

You only need to run the full index under the following circumstances:

Index songs (quick)

You should use the quick index under the following circumstances:


This is the default option and is automatically chosen after 10s or if you close the popup window.  This will use the currently saved database.  If you have any issues with songs either not being up to date or empty, you should run the full index.

If you boot the app and later want to rebuild the song index, you can manually trigger it by opening the Song menu, clicking on the + button and then selecting rebuild song index.  Again you can choose the full or quick methods.