Found under: Settings > Song actions > Autoscroll

Autoscroll settings for song shown by long pressing on the autoscroll page button

Autoscroll progress information bar and autoscroll and increase/decrease scroll speed page buttons

When displaying a song in performance or stage mode, the app can be set to automatically scroll the song view over a set period of time.

Each song can have its own autoscroll settings: song duration and pre-delay. If these are not set for a song, you can tell the app to automatically use the default settings or prompt you to enter the values before proceeding.

Autoscroll is normally controlled using a page button or foot pedal, but this can also be from a custom gesture or receiving an instruction from a connected device.

Autoscrolling will stop if the song is already fully visible or has finished scrolling to the bottom.

You can pause autoscrolling using page buttons or clicking on the autoscroll icon in the progress bar.

You can also increase/decrease the autoscroll speed using additional page buttons that scale the speed by 25% on repeated presses.

Autoscroll settings can be found at Settings > Song actions > Autoscroll. The settings are split into default app wide preferences and specific song preferences.


  • Song duration: The default length of songs that don't have their own durations set. The times can be entered as seconds only or as minutes and seconds (the app will fix these on saving).

  • Default or prompt: Choose whether the app will quietly use default times if you try to start autoscrolling a song that doesn't have durations set, or if it should show the autoscroll popup window asking you to enter song durations.

  • Keep autoscroll activated: When moving between songs, should the autoscroll immediately start (if it was already activated on the previous song). Switching this off (default), will require you to manually start autoscroll.

  • Autohide autoscroll: During autoscrolling, the progress is shown at the top right of the song display window. By switching this on, the progress will only show for a short period of time before hiding in order to clear up the display. The progress can be shown again by tapping on the screen. Switching this off will leave the progress visible at all times.

Current song

  • Song duration: These are saved to the song file. They can also be set using the edit song page. The delay is the length of time the app will wait before starting to scroll the content. It will then scroll for the remaining time set in the song duration.

  • Use duration of link audio file: If you have set a valid audio file using the link options, you can extract the time from the audio file.

Autoscroll settings showing default and song settings