Song menu

Found under: Menu > Songs

The song menu allows you to quick navigate your existing songs and perform song actions such as adding songs to sets and importing/exporting songs.

Clicking on any song in the list will load it.

At the top of the song menu, you will see the current app version/release and tabs to switch between the song and Set menu. Clicking on these tabs will remember your last choice when you next open the menu.

You then have several song list filters available to you. Switching on a filter will then provide you with either a text box to enter text into, or a dropdown list to select a value from. The following filters all work together, allowing the ability to quickly narrow down your search:

  • Title: Search by song title/filename

  • Search: Allows searching song lyrics by entering a phrase

  • Key: List all songs matching the chosen key

  • Artist: Enter the name of an artist/song author

  • Folder: Select the MAIN folder or one of your subfolders (you will also have a button to take you to the Storage overview page where you can edit your folders).

  • Tag: Add custom tags to your songs to help you group them. E.g. you could tag some songs as 'Christmas carols' and selecting this from the tag filter will only show those songs. You will also see a button to take you to the Tags settings page where you can manage tags and assign them to songs quickly.

The values searched for in songs can be adjusted by Editing the songs.

Please note that PDF or image songs can only be searched if you've added text to the song database for these files. You can ask OpenSongApp to try to extract PDF content to help with searching.

You can adjust settings for the song menu in the Menu settings page. This allows you to show/hide the alphabetical song index, adjust the size of the index and enable two level indexing the text size of the index and showing/hiding the quick 'add to set' checkboxes. By default songs in the song list are sorted by song titles. You can change this to filenames on the settings page too.

Long pressing on any song in the song list , or clicking on the + button at the bottom of the menu will bring up song actions available to you. These options are also available by opening the main settings and then selecting 'Song actions'. Options available are:

Current Song (the song that is currently displayed/loaded)

  • Load: Reload the current song

  • Edit song: Open the Edit song page

  • Add current song to set: Add the song to the end of the current set

  • Share: Share/export/print the song

  • Actions: Bring up the full list of song actions from the settings page

  • Make set item variation: Make a copy of the current song and add it to the end of the set. Variations can be edited without affecting the original. Variations are saved inside the set file so they can be shared with other users if required

Other options

  • Find a random song: From the songs currently shown in the song menu (after filters have been applied), randomly choose one. This can be useful if you are looking for inspiration, or want to discover songs you may have forgotten about!

  • Add songs: Brings up options for adding, creating or importing new songs

  • Rebuild song index: If you have manually added or removed songs, or feel the song index isn't up to date, this will re-index all of your songs. This happens automatically when you first start the app.