Connect BeatBuddy guide

While most mobile song book apps will include the ability to send MIDI code, they tend to require you to learn a bit of MIDI instructions (Program changes, Control changes, LSBs, MSBs, etc.).  What makes it worse is that this code bears little resemblence to the names of your BeatBuddy songs or Drumkits.  

Whilst OpenSongApp can do the above (and includes specific BeatBuddy shorthand MIDI code), it also allows those who don't want to worry about learning MIDI commands the ability to change songs, tempo, volume on the BeatBuddy in addition to controlling the most common features.

Step 1 (optional): Udate the BeatBuddy Firmware

You can check the firmware version you are currently running byXXX. I would highly recommend updating this to the newest version v.4.1.6 (at time of writing)