Found under: Settings > Song actions > Chords > Transpose

The transpose function is a default page button.

This feature allows you to quickly change the key of a song and updates the chords found in the song (does not work with PDF/image files).

If your song has a key specified, the transpose slider will display the current key and let you see the new key when you move the slider.  If you have not set a key, you will simply be shown the number of transpose steps that will be carried out.

When transposing, it is important to be aware of different chord formats such as Nashville, Solfege, European, etc..  The app will try to figure out which chord format a song is using before it transposes and will maintain this format.  If you know your songs are always in the same format, you can switch on the option to always use your preferred format.  Otherwise, you can manually adjust the currently detected chord format and new chord format after transpose.

You can also adjust your chord settings for preferred keys from this page.

If you want to keep the same chords in a song, but want to transpose using a capo instead, switch on the transpose by capo fret change.  With this option, a song in the key of G with a transpose value of +5 will convert the song into the key of C, but the capo chords shown on the screen will remain in the apparent key of G, but with a capo on the 5th fret indicated making the actual key C.

When transposing a song that isn't being viewed in a set, you also have the option of creating a copy of the song that is transposed, leaving the original unchanged.

When transposing a song that is being viewed in a set, you have the option of transposing it only in the set list (default) or converting it to a variation that is saved in the set.  Switching these options off transposes the original file and adjusts the key in the set to match the new key.

If you have already changed the key of this song, you will see an option of transposing back to the original song key as well.  Clicking this will adjust the slider to the correct position.

To carry out the transpose action, click on the 'Transpose' button.