Import song file

Found under: Settings > Song actions > Add songs > File

Within OpenSongApp you can import various files from your device to be used as songs.  OpenSong formatted xml files are best (with the ost file extension, or no file extension), but the app will also allow you to import the following files as songs:

From the settings menu, select Song actions > Add songs > File.  You will then be presented with the file picker and you should navigate to the desired song file.

Once you click on the file, the app will show you a preview of the contents if it is able to read it and allow you to enter a filename and select a folder for the new song.  

Chordpro, iOS/OnSong and text files will show the OpenSong converted content.

Once you click on save, you will be shown the song and have the option to edit it further.  

PDF and image files will also allow you to use OCR (optical character recognition) to automatically attempt to extract song text from the file and save it as an OpenSong formatted file instead.

Image file with preview
PDF file with preview
Chordpro file converted to OpenSong format