Export song

Found under: Settings > Song Actions > Export

If you want to share a single song with someone else, you can select a variety of song formats.

  • PDF - For OpenSong formatted songs, the app will prepare a PDF version of the song. The app will scale the font size to fit the width of the PDF document and will use multiple pages as required.

  • OpenSongApp song / Desktop file: These options produce a standard OpenSong XML formatted file. If you want to share the song with a desktop PC OpenSong user, select the desktop file. The OpenSongApp option adds a .ost file extension so the app is able to identify the file correctly.

  • OnSong: To share with iOS users who run OnSong on their device

  • ChordPro / Text: To share with users running other software that does not recognise OpenSong formatted songs

  • Text: A simple text file of the song contents

Once you have selected the appropriate format, click on the Export button and then choose the export method. The options shown will depend on the apps installed on your device.

You also have the option to directly prepare and send a printable version of the song. This requires a printer to have been set up on your device or WiFi network.