Sticky notes

Found under: Settings > Song actions > Song sticky notes

Sticky notes are floating pop up windows that can be used to display extra performance information.

The following settings are available for song sticky notes:

  • Set to automatically appear if they exist in the song

  • Stay visible or automatically hide after a certain time

  • Change the opacity/alpha to allow you to see text behind them.

  • Drag them on screen to change their display position (remembered when they are next shown)

  • They can be easily dismissed from the screen by clicking on the close icon in the top corner

Editing sticky notes and their settings

Sticky notes can be edited in various ways

  1. Editing the song and choosing the 'Main' tab. This option only allows editing the content of the sticky note.

  2. Opening the app settings and navigating to 'Song actions > Song sticky notes'. This allows editing the content of the sticky note and the display settings

  3. Long pressing any page button assigned to show/hide sticky notes. This opens the same page as method 2.