Optical Character Recognition

Found under: Settings > Song actions > Edit song > [OCR button]

If you try to edit a song that is a PDF or an image file, or using your camera, OpenSongApp will give you the option of trying to extract the text in the document using optical character recognition.

The quality of the extraction will depend on how closely the file display looks like a song with chord lines above the lyrics.  Also the quality of the image and rotation will play a factor in the accuracy.  

Once you click on the 'Extract text from file (OCR)' button the app will show you a preview of what it has managed to extract.  You can choose to create a new OpenSong formatted song from this content, but if you don't it will be append it to the lyrics field of the PDF.  This is stored in the persistent song database and can be helpful for searching for a song by lyrics (allowing the PDF file to shown up in searches).

Once you have extracted the text, you can use the 'Edit song' option to further edit the text.