Song MIDI messages

Found under: Settings > Song Actions > MIDI

This feature can be added as a custom page button.

Each OpenSongApp song can have stored MIDI messages.  When the song is loaded, the MIDI messages can be sent in order to connected MIDI devices automatically, or manually using the MIDI popup shown.  These messages can be used to change settings on other devices such as BeatBuddy pedals, keyboard patches, etc.

Currently connected MIDI devices are shown (if available).

A list of currently stored MIDI messages for this song will be shown and each one can be sent by clicking on the item in the list.  To remove a message from this song, the message can be swiped away.

To edit the song MIDI messages or to connect new MIDI devices, click on the 'Edit' button.  This will take you to the MIDI connections page

Specific BeatBuddy shorthand MIDI commands

To save some of the pain of trying to work out the specific CC MIDI messages from the BeatBuddy manual, I've included some recognised shortcuts - they can be easily remembered because they start with BB:


BBT{1-128} = Transition to a chosen part number

BBTX = Exit the transition fill and move to the part (can be called immediately after the above)

BBTN = Transition to the next part (also call BBTX afterwards)

BBTP = Transition to the previous part (also call BBTX afterwards)

BBTE{1-128} = Exclusive transition to a chosen part number (exclusive means that it wont affect connected Aeros Loop pedals)

BBTEX = Exit the exclusive transition fill and move to the part (can be called immediately after the above).

BBTEN =  Exclusive transition to the next part

BBTEP = Exclusive transition to the previous part

// BBH = BeatBuddy half time, BBHX = BeatBuddy half time exit,

// BBD = BeatBuddy double time, BBDX = BeatBuddy double time exit,

// BBBPM{40-300} = BeatBuddy tempo change, BBV{0-100} BeatBuddy volume

// BBS{1-127}/{1-127} = BeatBuddy folder/song

// BBI = BeatBuddy intro, BBO = BeatBuddy outro, BBP = BeatBuddy pause

// BBF = BeatBuddy fill, BBA = BeatBuddy accent